Wholesale Eyelash Brands Using Content to Combat Price Concerns

Wholesale Eyelash Brands Using Content to Combat Price Concerns

In light of consumers’ buying trends, it has been noticed that price is the quality indicator for cosmetics and health items. The consumers comprehend that a product with a higher price delivers better results. The social media further upended the philosophy by giving more information and power to the consumers than ever before. With the abundance of customer reviews, guidance/application tutorials, and other user-generated content, it has become relatively easier for the consumers to find less expensive alternatives and justify the product’s price.

To help the price-conscious consumers combat their concerns, all high-end beauty and health brands use content to substantiate their quality claims.

User-Generated Content

No matter how much a brand touts about itself, the shoppers mostly draw towards a product through experienced consumers. According to Statistica, 85% of consumers find visual user-generated content more influential than images and videos. It means that leveraging user-generated content in your product content and marketing strategy is the tool to win over the customers. Word-of-mouth is an old school strategy, but it is still doing wonders in marketing for every brand.

Many US high-end brands use managing systems like Yotpo to streamline and strategically place customer content throughout their brand’s website and other social media platforms. According to a survey performed by Yotpo, customer reviews enhance the lifetime value and product’s image. Many wholesale eyelash high-end brands use imagery and useful content to prove the wholesale eyelash quality and worthiness.   

Educational Content on Custom Eyelash Boxes with Logo

Application guidelines or tutorial videos are best to learn about the product’s usage. Many cosmetics and beauty products hold chemical properties. After introducing organic and natural products, beauty consumers have become more aware and concerned about the ingredients in health and beauty products. Apart from mentioning the component, it is best to add a clear yet short product description. The description may include benefits and interesting facts about the product.

Beauty brands can take this as an opportunity and justify their higher price by showing off the quality by highlighting the product’s ingredients. The consumers will trust the brand more because the ingredients will be communicated clearly to them. As a brand, you can clearly express that you are selling cruelty-free eyelashes made from natural hair. In the case of makeup or other healthcare or beauty products, you can emphasize that the product is paraben-free, talc-free, vegan, and gluten-free.

High-Quality Videos and Images

 Along with the high quality and eye-catching custom eyelash boxes with logo, the high-end brands also offer exceptional customer services by adding expert sales associates. These experts guide you about the product and even tell you which custom eyelash boxes with logo you must buy. They help you select the eyelashes that go well with the shape of your eye.

In lieu of the in-store and e-commerce sales experience, the beauty brands add high definition imagery and tutorial videos to show off the luxurious properties of their product range. They use compelling imagery to woo the consumers into their products. The imagery and tutorial videos are also used to educate consumers about the product. 

In a nutshell, UGC is excellent for building trust and communicating with shoppers. By incorporating the imagery and videos, you ensure that your e-commerce website, digital channels, and offline channels provide a consistent customer experience.

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