Best Houseplants Ideas You Can Easily Grow In Water (Only)!

Best Houseplants Ideas You Can Easily Grow In Water (Only)!

Having plants at your place is all fun and benefits. The green buddies are perfect in every way and that is what they do to your place as well, they make it perfect. For instance, if you have plants at your place, you don’t need to worry about your decor because plants add a oomph factor to any decor as they go well along any backdrop. Also, you don’t need to worry about the pollution indoors because the plants will take care of that too. They give your place a different look and also purify the air for your better health. That is what makes the plants so perfect. Plants have made more and more people incorporate them in their indoor space. They have now become a large part of our lifestyle and they no longer are restricted to just outdoor spaces. These green buds have given us all the reasons to order plants online for indoors.

Most people like plants but still avoid having them at their place due to the mess created by soil, pots and regular watering. This mess can be annoying and instead of elevating the look of your house, it can have a reverse image. Also, the regular care that the plants look for can be a bit difficult at times considering the busy lifestyle. For that, we all need plants that are easy to care and don’t demand much care, nor do create more mess in life. What if i tell you that you can buy indoor plants online that will thrive in water and just water? Many plants out there are genetically programmed to survive in water. You can call it a survival adaptation, but it is totally worth taking an advantage of this sort of adaptation. So, here is a list of plants that you can buy for indoors which will thrive in water only.

Baby Tears Plant

Isn’t the name just cute in itself? Well, to be honest, everything about this plant is pretty cute, from its name to its appearance. The plant has myriads of small leaves; the plant is a creeper that will form a mat like thing wherever planted. You can add it to a place which is weirdly empty so that the plants creeping stems can fill the space. The best part of the plant is that it thrives remarkable well in water. All you need to do is pluck off a clutter of baby tears plant (with or without its roots) and it will easily adapt itself in the water conditions. When you pluck a stem and place it in water, some leaves will be submerged in the water as the whole stem is covered with leaves. These leaves may start to rot but this certainty does not mean that your plant is dying, so relax. Just change the water weekly to keep it clean.

African Violets

Next on the list is a flowering plant that you may have priory grown in a pot. The plant is African violets. We all know about this plant, right? For those who don’t know, African violets are a plant that gives out amazing violet colored blooms. You would not have expected a flowering plant on this list, but this plant is a good adapter. This plant can thrive in just water; you can clone the parent plant of African violets by growing this plant from its leaves in water. If you want to start this plant in water, choose a healthy, young plant. Be careful to cut the leaves of the plant at least 2 inches of the stem. Keep the leaves in a narrow top vessel so that the leaves stay suspended and dry, if they are dipped in water consecutively, they will turn yellow. The plant will naturally form its roots from the leaves in about a month.

Begonia Plants

Begonias are another flowering plant on the list that we usually have at home. The plant will grow amazingly in water. The plant has thick and succulent stems that are forgiving when grown in plain water. The hardy wax leaves of begonia plants can easily forms roots in water. There are different varieties of begonias and out of them rex begonias and tuberous begonias are the water types. Only a single leaf is enough to start a whole new plant. Though it may take a couple of months to form roots, so don’t panic if it does not appear in weeks. To avoid bacterial growth, change the water of the container weekly. 

These are the plants that will grow in water and do not require soil. You can easily place them in water containers to add to your house.  

Now you can have lovely houseplants at no cost at all and not to forget the freedom you get from cleaning the mess every time your water your houseplants. 

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