How to Stop Your Kids from Making Plans of Partying?

We all love to have parties. Sometimes we are partying a farewell to our colleagues, and another time we are having a party at the birth of our friend’s child. Party is indeed the part of life. They are the mean of commemorating every event in our life.

But wait a minute… Is it wrong if our kids are planning parties?

What Is So Bad in Kiddy Parties?

The kiddy parties may have nothing to worry about as they are just kids. However, what goes wrong is all that our teens learn from the internet. Sorry! We are not blaming the internet. Instead, we are saying, the predators online are luring them for the wrong things.

Well, what is wrong?

  • Alcohol consumption
  • Drugs
  • Underage sex
  • Abusive learnings

And in result a brawl…

Almost every other teen party ends on a brawl. Some kids cannot resist predators and begin taking alcohol and drugs. On the other hand, some teens are enough strong to resist, but their resistance leads to a brawl.

Well, it simply means that a teen party is normally destruction set up for our kids. Our kids learn nothing instead of spoiling their life.

What Parents Commonly Do?

We have yet another acknowledgment that is indeed not blamed on any institution. You know kids begin taking drugs from schools and their first crush is always landed into an oldies party. There are always some bad fish in the schools, which make their mates do bad things. The bad fish make the good fish do the bad stuff, and that is how the entire pool stinks badly.

Initially, parents are not well-aware of their kids’ plans. Indeed, this is a common stance that happens in almost every other home. Usually, parents learn after their children return from a party. They found their kids out of senses, distressed and in a very strange condition.

After that point, parents try to overwhelm their kids, in an attempt to do some parenting. Well, that is some sort of commanding session, instead of parenting. Further, the outcome is that the relationship between parents and kids begins to worn out. Later, kids become rebellious and tend to provoke more damage.

What Parents Should Do?

Parents are the greatest teachers of their kids. They make them learn the ways to live and become strong. However, in the present age, there are several invisible threats to the parents. Among them, smartphones and present-day communication ease is the biggest threat.

Whatever the kids do with their smartphones is less known or not at all known to their parents. Kids get attracted to bad things, thinking that it is not bad, and later they hurt themselves. Indeed, kids do not have enough experience, knowledge, and information about the bad things. It is the parent that has to prepare their kids.

Well, let’s first solve the problem of invisible threat. Since parents are unable to see what their kids are planning, they would not be able to make their kids learn about different partying styles and which party to join and which to avoid. Also, they cannot make their kids resist any bad parties. Indeed, parents need to know with whom their kids are planning the party. For that, they need a spy app like OgyMogy, which includes calendar, appointment monitoring and recorder for kik features.

OgyMogy is a monitoring app that helps the parents know what their kids are doing with their smartphones, tablets, and even laptops. Parents can easily see the Android calendars of their kids along with the party schedules and appointments. In short, they can have access to their kids’ savvy devices without even touching them. Indeed, when the parents have an app like OgyMogy, their first objective is complete. They will know every detail that remains hidden from them.

Apply OgyMogy to Parenting:

Next to that, parents need to learn ways to train their kids about parties. Well, every party is not bad. A school get-together or party with some good friends that parents know about may not be bad at all. But partying with a stranger about who the parents know nothing may surely have some threats. Certainly, OgyMogy kik tracker will help the parents to know about that and mentor their kids to avoid bad parties.

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